Work Comp Injury Rehab

Work Comp Rehab | FirefighterAcute Injury Treatment: The key to early recovery is early access to Physical Therapy and rehabilitation services. With approval from your insurance carrier, we can schedule you as soon as the same day of your injury. Early access means less down time, and less costs to you and your employer.

Work Conditioning & Return to Work Programs: Returning to work after a long absence, or after a surgery may require more than just acute rehabilitation. If you are returning to a physical job with high demands, it’s our job to make sure you are in top condition before you go back. Our specialized work conditioning and customized return to work programs will get you back in great shape. We have a wide range of return to work options and customize programming– so a Firefighter will prepare differently than a construction worker. A 55 year old will have a different program than a 22 year old. It is specifically designed for you.

Work Comp Rehab | OfficeErgonomic Work Environment: Before returning to work, you and your therapist will discuss an ideal set up of the work environment to help decrease stressors on your body. Depending on your employer, you may even have a therapist visit your workstation on-site to make recommendations.