It’s an exciting time at Bodycentral Physical Therapy. We have worked diligently over the past year to build something extraordinary for the people of Tucson. Finally, all our hard work has come to this— the opening of the Ultimate Sports Asylum!

What the heck is an Ultimate Sports Asylum? Well, let me explain the recipe.

We took a 10,000 sq foot building, and added our regular Physical Therapy practice- the treatment rooms, tables, the hot packs, cold packs, electric stimulation machines, Ultrasound, Therabands, Balls, and all the bells and whistles. We added all the things we needed for special treatments – biofeedback machines, video equipment and all our Medical stuff!

Next, we added a huge weight room and stuffed it full of Olympic weight lifting equipment, weight lifting machines, dumbbells, kettle bells, TRX suspension equipment, cable cross-over machines, pull up bars, battle ropes, jump ropes, TRX rip trainers, Medicine Balls, climbing ropes, Weight Bars and more things I can’t even remember.

Then we added a Cardio Room- a room for treadmills, ellipticals, Upper Body Ergometers, Bikes and more! And…we added a TV so we would all be able to watch Basketball during March Madness- and Baseball and Softball of course!

Next, we added a dose of Amazing. We chose a Keiser Power Rack and a Keiser Functional Trainer to add to the mix. Keiser uses compressed air to actually Power these machines! With these you can train at fast or slow speeds – and you can perform even with an injury. They are truly amazing and we are excited to have them at the USA.

After that- we added an indoor turf for running drills. Have you ever tried to run in a crowded clinic? It’s difficult….So we created this running zone for all our athletes! We have high level plyometrics equipment for intense power work as well. Heck, we even have tackling dummies for our football players.

The final ingredients are the most important. As with anything Tonya Bunner and I do- we added our Heart, Passion, and Love for this community. We added great staff to our already amazing group of professionals. They share our passion for what we do, and for the communities we serve.

Add all this together and you get the Bodycentral Ultimate Sports Asylum! We are taking new patients Jan 6, 2014. Huge party will be in February……check back to this blog for time and date!

So thank you Tucson and Oro Valley for your support over the past 13 years! And- come see us at the Ultimate Sports Asylum! 1991 E Ajo Way at the Kino/Ajo intersection near the new Costco

Happy New Year.