What the patients say:

Maddie really listened to me and identified the root of my problem was not at all where I thought it was. She always responded to requests for home exercise plans, letter of necessity for a follow up exercise class, etc. I am from Green Valley and was concerned about driving to Tucson for appointments. However, this is an easy location from Green Valley and not a concern.
-(Marylin L.)

Extremely comfortable and clean
– (Noemi G.)

Extremely welcoming and safe environment. I felt like I was in great hands when it comes to recovering my physical health.
-(Susanna L.)

I feel she shows she has my best interests as a real priority. Not just rush me in and get to next appointment.
-(Rob C.)

I have had many physical therapist over my life in California and here because of so many surgeries from my arthritis, I know when I find a good therapist the minute I meet them. Mark walked in and treated me like a gentlemen, went over my history, took measurements on both my feet. And that was very important to me, because if you don’t take measurements than how do you know how my progress is coming along. I liked the way he treated me and how considered he was about my foot.
– (Eva N.)

It was all excellent. I left believing that I will heal and improve my life
– JM

My evaluation was very detailed and focused on pinpointing the source of my pain. More comprehensive then most of the doctors I’ve seen. Very impressed.
– Wayne S.