Elite Soccer Programs

Injury Prevention: The last thing and athlete (or a parent) wants is to have an injury happen that may have been prevented. Evidence suggests that specific programs have been noted to reduce injury rates in soccer players. We utilize that research, and apply and individual approach to injury prevention in the soccer athlete.

Available for Individuals and Teams

Injury Treatment and Recovery: When you do have an injury, you want to return as quickly and safely as possible to the soccer field. Our sports PTs challenge you from day one and get you in the best possible shape for return to play in coordination with your physician or surgeon. Our goal is to return you even stronger than before your injury.


Performance Enhancement: Are you healthy? Do you want to take your soccer game to the next level? Then our performance enhancement program is the way to go. You get an individualized evaluation that tells you where you stand in regards to strength, flexibility, balance and agility. Then we work together to take those qualities to the next level. You will work with our therapists and trainers to reach a higher level of performance.