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Sports Medicine On-Field Coverage

If you watch college and professional sports, you see the medical teams they have at the sidelines for the benefit of the athletes. Winning is fun, but safety is critical. Sports Physical Therapists (additionally trained in Emergency Medical Response and Concussion management) and Athletic Trainers are vital to the sports medicine team. These professionals are valuable on the field to help with return-to-play decisions as well as on the field concussion assessments and injury evaluation and treatment.

So the pros and colleges, and most high schools get this right.

We at Bodycentral PT have found that there is a large group of athletes that go without this safety on the sidelines. One reason is that we as parents and coaches sometimes don’t recognize the risk for our kids until they get injured and we don’t know what to do.

Part of our Mission is to work with our communities to ensure athlete safety.

We have Sports Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers on staff to help cover events for your youth to professional sports athletes and dancers.

Past and current on-field coverage and coverage assistance:

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