Healthcare Providers

When you need a Physical Therapist for your patient, it is an important decision. Why should health care providers choose Bodycentral Physical Therapy?


  1. Same Day and Next Day Appointments Available for your patients, in their neighborhoods
  2. Specialist level care available for your tough cases. Bodycentral staffs southern Arizona’s largest team of Board Certified Clinical Specialists.
  3. Our therapists treat the cause of pain, not just the symptoms. Without treating the cause of the problem, pain returns, increasing the risk of addiction to pain medication.
  4. Send any patient our way. We accept 99% of insurances out there, and we have special financial plans for patients with high deductibles and copays, as well as patients without insurance.
  5. We provide more that just Physical Therapy. Our approach is a total body wellness approach. We believe many of our chronic diseases are occurring because of lifestyle, and we are making strides with our patients to help them move toward a better direction. We offer personal training, group classes and free educational workshops.
  6. Still not sure? Visit our Testimonials page