Schedule Your $1 Golf Evaluation

Injury Treatment and Recovery: If you are an avid golfer, you don’t have time for injury to keep you down, especially when the weather is great! Back pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain are very common in golfers. Our head to toe evaluation can find the reasons for these issues! We address the causes of the pain with you and develop a personalized rehabilitation plan to get you back on the golf course!

Performance Enhancement: Have a few aches and pains, but your real goal is to take a few strokes off your game? Do you want to drive the ball farther? Want to improve the short game? Our performance enhancement program might be just what you are looking for. Golf requires skill, strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. With our head to toe assessment, we can find the “glitches” in your body that might be hindering your performance. Much like a car mechanic gives an engine a thorough check for issues, our Therapists will check your body for issues that are slowing you down and limiting your driving power. The most important piece of equipment for golf is your body! Get scheduled today.