Bodycentral Baseball3It’s that time of year again… The smell of the freshly cut grass, the feel of the smooth dirt of the infield. It’s baseball and softball season, and with that comes too many preventable injuries. I was lucky to play softball in college, and I consider those days some of the best days of my life.

For many young baseball and softball players, injuries prevent them from enjoying the game. Some injuries are traumatic- a catcher and a runner collide at high speeds…..a head first slide into second base doesn’t go well. But many other injuries are a result of overuse- throwing too much or too hard too soon. Others come as a result of playing year round without rest. Injuries can also be a result of poor mechanics or muscle imbalances in the body- not just in the arm or shoulder, but from the hip or low back as well. Many injuries happen when players attempt to return to play after a surgery or injury- coming back to play without a structured return to throwing program, or coming back with weaknesses.

For many years we have studied biomechanics- learning how elite level pitchers deliver that 90+ mile an hour fastball. Now we are looking at more factors- not just how to improve speed or control…but how do we work with pitchers and throwers to help them perform better AND without injury? Elbow and Shoulder injuries are ending promising careers for many baseball and softball players…and our youngest players are seeing more and more injuries.

At Bodycentral Physical Therapy, we have teamed up with some of the best Baseball and Softball professionals to develop programs that will help prevent injuries and that will help get players safely back on the field with less risk of re-injury. In addition to these programs, we have developed performance enhancement programs that can help take players to the next level- utilizing high speed video analysis, 3D bat swing analysis, and a structured individualized strength and mobility program.

Our Partners include:

Blake Eager- former MLB NY Mets Pitcher, Olympic Baseball Coach

Kenzie Fowler- former University of Arizona elite standout pitcher, USA National Elite Team

Kelly Fowler- Head Coach Canyon del Oro High School, Pima County Sports Hall of Fame

On Saturday, February 14th from 9AM-11AM at the Ultimate Sports Asylum, we will be presenting on Baseball and Softball Injury prevention, treatment, and performance enhancement strategies. Blake Eager, Kenzie Fowler, Kelly Fowler, Dr. Sarah Davin (Board Certified Clinical Specialist- Sports Physical Therapy) and I will be presenting a combination of lecture, demonstration, and active participation- topics include Biomechanics, Video Analysis, Injury Prevention ….and much more.

Seating is limited- Please contact Paula via email to make your reservation—-

Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Athletic Directors, Physicians, Health Care Providers, Press, Parents, Players— All are welcome to attend. Admission is FREE- but a reservation is required!

Location: Bodycentral Physical Therapy- Ultimate Sports Asylum. 1991 E Ajo Way, Ste 149 (At Kino/Ajo intersection behind the In&Out Burger)

Hope to see you there.


Jennifer Allen,PT,DPT,OCS,SCS,CHT