Baseball Medicine

Our Comprehensive Approach is made possible by these key factors:

The Facility: The Ultimate Sports Asylum is a 10,000 square foot facility designed with everything a baseball player needs to improve. This includes a throwing and sprinting turf, a medicine ball wall, and Keiser resistance training equipment, seen in many of the Professional Baseball League facilities.

The Professionals: The Board Certified Sports Specialist Physical therapists and training staff at Bodycentral Physical Therapy have extensive experience in bringing baseball players back from elbow and shoulder problems- as well as preventing them in the first place.

Major League Baseball Experienced Staff: Coach Blake Eager pitched in the NY Mets organization. He brings his special skills as a coach and player to the program.

The Programming:

Injury Rehabilitation: Using the most up to date evidenced based treatment strategies, our staff returns players to play safely and efficiently

Injury Prevention: Available to individuals and teams. Screening for injury risk, evaluating training schedules, and developing strategies to prevent injury.

Pitching Analysis and Throwing Programs: At Bodycentral Physical Therapy, we understand the relationship of good pitching mechanics and performance, and to risk of injury. We perform video analysis of the player and analyze biomechanics for specific factors related to optimal performance. Throwing programs are designed with the help of Blake Eager to address skill related inefficiencies.

Performance Enhancement: Training at Bodycentral Physical Therapy gives athletes the competitive advantage knowing they have worked harder and smarter than their counterparts. Only 3% of baseball players drafted will ever make it to the big leagues. We feel that a specific, medically guided comprehensive program gives players a safer alternative to improve and prepare for the rigors of elite level play.


Injury Treatment: covered by most insurances
Injury Prevention and Performance Packages available year round. Please email and request more information.