Physical Therapy Tucson: Get Better Faster

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy.

Patients deserve to get better faster at BodyCentral Physical Therapy as the leader in Physical Therapy Tucson.  There are three critical factors to getting fast results in physical therapy.  First, the physical therapist needs to be certain of the differential diagnosis.  Physical therapist need to know exactly the source of the pain or issue.  There’s a saying in our profession that you don’t chase pain.  Pain can be referred to parts of the body but the sources may come from a different part of the body.  Our physical therapists have advanced education and certifications to demonstrate excellent diagnostic skills.  A thorough evaluation is critical to determine the accurate diagnosis. Call 520-325-4002 or visit

Secondly, the physical therapist needs to select the appropriate and effective services to lead Physical Therapy Tucson.  There is both an art and science to treating people.  Physical therapy is based in science but approaching service selection is artful.  Selecting effective services is justified using evidence based medicine.  The highest level of evidence has been proven to produce results.  Also, selecting appropriate services is a critical factor.  Patients present to physical therapy in varying spectrums and the physical must take this into consideration based on the patient’s status.

The third critical factor is that patients have to be informed and engaged in the process.  Our patients are informed through education on both the evaluation and subsequent visits.  The use of anatomy posters, models, and handouts are the most effective ways to educate.  Patients must be engaged in the process which means the patient is active in the process.  Being active in the process means the patient will need to do exercises.  Exercises can be in the form of stretching, range of motion, strengthening, or balance exercises.  Strengthening exercises are progressive meaning the exercises should become harder and more challenging. Harder and more challenging exercises can mean increased resistance or unstable surfaces.

Physical Therapy Tucson has many physical therapy clinics but BodyCentral Physical Therapy leads to way in results for the patients we serve. Advanced education, evidence based services, and a results based service delivery models creates an environment where patients get better faster.  As healthcare continues to get more expensive and abundance of options are available to patients it is critical that our patients will do well.  When all three of these critical factors work like a finely tuned engine, patients will get excellent results.  On average, patients should expect excellent results in less than ten visits.  If you have a copay or deductible, start doing the math.  If you’re going to physical therapy for a lot more than ten visits you will spend significantly more of your hard earned money to get the same point where at BodyCentral Physical Therapy will come less and spend less money for an even better results.

Go to our website or call the clinic to schedule an appointment.  You deserve the best care and you deserve to get better faster.  The physical therapists at BodyCentral Physical Therapy have highly talented professionals and will work hard for you to get you better faster. Call 520-325-4002 or visit