Triathlete Physical Therapy Tucson

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy

BodyCentral Physical Therapy provides specialization physical therapy for Triathletes when in need of Physical Therapy Tucson.  One of the physical therapists has extensive experience in rehabilitation of triathletes.  Not only the experience as a physical therapist but also experience as a triathlete having finished five Ironmans and more than ten half Ironmans.  More and more people are doing triathlons each year, especially the Ironman races. Call 520-325-4002 or visit

Understanding the needs of triathletes is critical for delivering good results for patients in Physical Therapy Tucson.  The most difficult discipline for triathletes is swimming.  Swimming fast requires an efficient stroke and the challenge in developing efficiency is balance in the water.  There are seven key drills to practice your balance in the water which can be learned at BodyCentral Physical Therapy. Each drill is successive and builds on each other and culminates with the most difficult drill but produces the best balance.  Once you have achieved balance, then the swimmer can train for speed. The most common injury for swimmers is called swimmer’s shoulder, also known as shoulder impingement.  If you feel a pinch or pain in shoulder during or after swimming, then call BodyCentral Physical Therapy.

One of the best areas in the country to bike is Tucson with its expansive roads and offers over three hundred miles of connected bike pathway.  One of the most common injuries for cyclists is neck pain due to a rounded posture and the head looking up at the road leading to compression.  If you feel neck pain while cycling, then call BodyCentral Physical Therapy today. Spinal mobility exercises and posture training are critical to alleviate neck pain.  Also a bike fit is also important so undue stress is not placed on your neck.  May cyclists who have neck pain also have low back pain.  If you have low back pain, it’s because your back muscles are over working due to core muscle weakness. Progressive core exercises and stretching is the cure for low back pain.  Your lower abdominal muscles and glutes muscles need to be strong to protect your back to be a strong cyclist.

Running in Tucson offers excellent conditions for training for triathlons but most injuries occur during running so you need to know about Physical Therapy Tucson to get better.  There are many services offered at BodyCentral Physical Therapy to treat your injury. Most patients will benefit from manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.  Other services include Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Dry Needling, and Cupping.

Additional services include personal training, movement analysis, and gait analysis.  Gait analysis can be done using a tablet or done on a three camera biomechanical device. Changing your running gait can take a long time.  The change a runner has to do is behavioral but you also have to let your body become used to your new running gait.  If you change your gait to quickly and ramp up your miles, your body may reject the training load which may lead to an overuse injury. A detailed plan for both your rehabilitation and training can be done for you at BodyCentral Physical Therapy. Call 520-325-4002 and visit