Physical Therapy Tucson: The Team

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy

People have a choice when they decide to participate in physical therapy tucson and there are many difference between clinics that provide the rehabilitation that will get you back on your feet. Body central provides not only board certified specialists in varying fields within physical therapy, but also allows the therapists to spend individualized time with each and every patient that walks through the door. The importance of this can make or break the experience that a patient has at the clinic. The phone number is 520-325-4002, and

The one on one care that is provided allows the physical therapist or physical therapy assistant to talk to the individual about their current status and to tailor the treatment plan based on how the patient is doing. There is no cookie cutter pattern to treat patients and this should be recognized; everyone is different and they may respond to treatment differently as well as may have good and bad days when they arrive to the clinic. The therapist is willing to work with them based on the day and provide the best care for that person on that day.

Physical Therapy tucson has lots of physical therapists but body central goes above and beyond to assist their therapists to become board certified. This emphasizes their broad span of knowledge in the areas of physical therapy and they have the ability to respond accordingly and appropriately to a patient’s goals and abilities. They are able to treat patients that come through the door that may not have been given answers before, or may have failed physical therapy before. They have the ability to look deeper into the diagnosis and may have the answer that others do not in order to get the patient better. Being able to spend the full time with a patient during treatment can expedite the rehabilitation process and shows how much Body Central cares about the wellbeing of everyone who wants through the door.

Treatment sessions at physical therapy Tucson Body Central are provided on a 30 minute basis with the clinician but treatment doesn’t end there. Most often, a patient is seen by the therapist who may complete the hands on aspects of care then allow the patient to work on specific exercises with a overseen tech to provide the patient anywhere from a 45-90 minute treatment session. In the open gym, patients are able to complete the rest of their treatment not only with the help of the tech but also with the therapist nearby to field any questions that may arise. This allows the therapist to give even more time to each patient individually if necessary to make the most of each treatment session.

Patients have lots of choices when they seek about physical therapy tucson but realize that it is important to make the right choice in regards to your rehab team. Find one that prioritizes your health and values one-on-one treatment approaches with the physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. Find one that will help you achieve your goals based on a day by day necessity instead of trying to complete the cookie-cutter approach to healthcare. Find body central and call us now to help you get the best care that you can from a bunch of people who care about you and your goals. Call 520-325-4002 or visit