Physical Therapy Tucson: What does it take

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy Tucson has many providers in the state of arizona and city of tucson but what does it actually take to become a physical therapist? Many patients are uncertain of what qualifications a therapist has and it is prudent of them to look into this as the training and schooling can vary between therapists and the type of care that is provided may differ based on this. If you can imagine, physical therapy has gone from a bachelor’s degree to a three year doctoral degree so lots has changed in the last 30 years of healthcare. Call 520-325-4002 or visit for more information.

In the year 2020, there is hope that all physical therapy schools will provide the doctoral program and students will be required to participate in this in order to become a licensed physical therapist. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply to a physical therapy school. The area of the bachelors does not matter and can range from biology to business. Prerequisites to apply to physical therapy schools are required and differ between the doctoral programs available in the united states. As a student who is preparing to apply to PT school, it is important that these requirements are met.

Just like colleges in physical therapy tucson, GPA, community involvement, letters of recommendation and prerequisites are all important factors of the application process. If one is accepted into a physical therapy school, there are many classes to take throughout the three years but the clinical aspect of the school makes it a clinical doctoral degree. Many times, getting hands on experience within the first year of school is not uncommon and this gives the students times to get comfortable with patient care as they learn more about the science of physical therapy. Clinicals are an opportunity to students to work alongside licensed practitioners and learn more about the field in a real-world environment instead of just relying on textbooks to learn about the practice and the intervention strategies that are available to use. The student will have a variety of clinical locations with some acute inpatient care, outpatient orthopedic, and some neuro or specialty such as pelvic health, sports rehab to get a better sense of what area in physical therapy the student wants to focus on.

Classes in biology, anatomy including a cadaver lab, physiology and patient care combine to give students a vast array of knowledge in how to diagnose problems, how to treat them and how to successfully maintain patient goals. Tests, clinicals and independent study are combined to challenge students and allow professors to ensure that they are ready. If this wasn’t enough, the board exam of physical therapy which is only given four times a year is completed at the end of schooling and must be passed before a graduated student can officially practice physical therapy with their license.

Some physical therapy tucson and other states allow students to work under other healthcare professionals’ licenses but this depends on the state. Once a licensed physical therapist, they are able to practice in the united states but may have to take a jurisprudence exam depending on the state by state regulations that exist. The entire process is a rigorous number of years but that’s what allows the clinician to effective diagnose, treat, and help patients like yourself in getting better and achieving your goals. Call 520-325-4002 or visit for more information.