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If you are looking for treatment for shoulder pain then you have come to the right site for Physical Therapy Tucson. The therapists at Bodycentral Physical Therapy are recruited from all over the United States for their special skills and training. Bodycentral Physical Therapy is an international award-winning physical therapy company based in Tucson, Arizona. Bodycentral was started in 2001 by Dr. Jennifer Allen and Dr. Tonya Bunner. The clinic remains 100% locally owned and operated in Tucson, Arizona and has seven locations around the city.

The physical therapists at Bodycentral Physical Therapy bring specialized care to Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy Tucson. Physical therapists at Bodycentral are required to be Doctors of Physical Therapy and/or Board Certified Clinical Specialists in a specialty area. Dr. Jennifer Allen, Dr. Britt Linde, Dr. Stephanie Popelka, and Mat Wise lead our Hand and Upper extremity programming at Bodycentral Physical Therapy. A wide variety of programs are available for the treatment of shoulder pain at all of the Bodycentral Physical Therapy locations. The Ascension Climbing Program is available through Dr. Britt Linde. This specialized prgram for climbers focuses on the specific upper extremity problems associated with climbing. Hand, elbow and shoulder pain are all areas of focus with the Ascension Climbing program.

Many new treatments are available for shoulder pain these days. Dry needling is a technique that involves the insertion of small guage needles into the shoulder muscles to decrease pain and improve healing. Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is performed to improve soft tissue mobility in the shoulder. Hands-on manual therapy techniques like joint moblization are an integral part of a comprehensive treatment plan as well. A well rounded program involves one or more of the manual therapy techniques along with activitiy modification and specific exercise.

Special patient populations have special needs when it comes to shoulder rehabilitation. Baseball pitchers are a group that needs specialized evaluation and treatment. A specialized baseball rehabiliation program is available at Bodycentral Physical Therapy and involves a head to toe evaluation of the player. Video analysis is also performed to identify technique issues that may be contributing to pain in the shoulder.This same program is available to softball players and other overhead throwing athletes like football players (quarterback).

Active adults can experience shoulder pain for a variety of reasons. The key is to get a detailed evaluation to determine what structures might be involved in the shoulder, and if the neck can be contributing to the pain. Based on findings, each patient receives a customized program that includes manual therapy and an exercise program. The goal is to find the cause of pain and treat that issue. Treating only the pain will not fix the problem for long. For more information call (520)325-4002, or visit