Physical Therapy Tucson: Post Partum Care

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy

Physical therapy tucson offers physical therapy options for people who may have a broad variety of symptoms. Ante and post partum care are included in this and many individuals who are pregnant may not be aware that they can get help for low back pain, diastasis recti, difficulty with ambulation, sciatica, pelvic pain or incontinence. Many times they are told that it is normal with pregnancy or that post partum symptoms are “normal”. Although they are very common, any dysfunction post partum can usually be treated by a physical therapist near you. Body central provides women’s health therapists who provide one on one care to post partum moms who may not feel as though recovery is going well since birth. Call 520-325-4002 and visit

Physical therapy tucson will offer a complete evaluation both ante partum and or post partum to ensure that patients have an understanding of what changes during labor and birth. Things to consider are pelvic alignment, tissue tensions and asymmetries, pelvic floor coordination with both activation and relaxation, transversus abdominus in helping with abdominal bracing and stabilization. Child care and body mechanics/posturing also play a large role in post partum care which can be provided by the physical therapist. Once evaluated, the physical therapist will provide a plan of care to focus on the dysfunctions that are present post partum. In the vast majority of instances, patients do feel relief from this and are more aware of what they have to do at home to return to their prior level of function.

During treatment sessions, women’s health therapists will include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, self care, therapeutic activity and modalities to improve pelvic alignment and tissue extensibility and improve strength and stabilization through the pelvis and low back to improve child care and decrease risk of low back pain or hip/pelvic pain long after birth. These exercises are encouraged for home exercises to continue improving even when not in the clinic with the therapist. Often times, printed exercises are given the patient can refer to them at home to continue progressing.

The outcomes of rehabilitation with physical therapy tucson are very beneficial and many patients return to their active lifestyles pain free, with no urinary leakage and no dysfunctions with body mechanics. Most importantly, they have the knowledge and awareness of how to continue progressing independently and how to self correct and self treat if symptoms are to flare up; this allows progress to continue long after discharge. Many times the focus during ante partum and post partem is on the child but physical therapists are able to help both the mother and the child return to their prior level of function. Knowing that physical therapy exists for these types of complaints is very importance and often overlooked by other healthcare professionals. Understanding that there is help for those who may be experiencing symptoms post partem is key in helping people recover.

If you are interested in learning more about physical therapy tucson and body central physical therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are able to provide care for both you and your child in order to make the process of pregnancy, birth, and post partum an exciting journey where you feel both supported and in charge of your own well being. Call 520-325-4002 or visit