Physical Therapy Tucson: Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy

Physical therapy tucson offers pelvic health rehabilitation clinicians that can help with all of your needs that you may have been dealing with for years but never found a solution and didn’t know who to speak to about the problem. Urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, dyspareunia or painful intercourse, pelvic pain, voiding dysfunction, prolapse are just a few diagnoses that are treatable in physical therapy. All too often, patients come into physical therapy after many months or even years of symptoms without resolution. Many times, they aren’t even aware that pelvic health physical therapy exists or is a treatment option that they are able to participate in. Even if patients are aware of symptoms, they may choose to avoid discussing them with various healthcare professionals for reasons such as not knowing if it’s appropriate, embarrassment, or assuming that nothing can be done. Call 520-325-4002 or visit

Unlike other treatment approaches or surgery, physical therapy is noninvasive and a recent study showed that approximately 75% of individuals who participated in physical therapy saw an improvement in their symptoms. That’s a better number than some surgical outcomes for the same diagnosis! Physical therapy allows the clinician and patient to discuss specific symptoms that are happening and the root cause of them in order to find the solution. For example, did you know urinary incontinence can occur not only from a weak pelvic floor but also from an overactive pelvic floor? Physical therapists are able to assess the musculature involved and give you the right protocol to fix the problem. Dyspareunia tends to also be impacted by pelvic floor tone and this can resolve with proper assessment and training of this musculature; biofeedback with surface electrodes can also be helpful in visualizing the pelvic floor

Did you know that prolapse is a very common diagnoses in women but can be improved with some awareness, pelvic floor strengthening and avoidance of certain activities? Straining during a bowel movement, heavy lifting with improper technique can both have a negative impact on the stability of the pelvic floor and a physical therapist can help you improve in the awareness of this and to strengthen the musculature necessary to even resolve the prolapse symptoms.

Physical therapy tucson treatment for pelvic floor with therapists at body central usually consist of an internal muscular assessment via the vaginal canal in order to assess the pelvic floor muscles or the kegels in order to define what may be causing the symptoms that the patient presents with. Biofeedback and surface EMG can also give a visual of what may be contributing to symptoms. Tissue release and patient education can be very effective forms of treatment and usually a combination of these are used to return the patient to prior level of function. All of the treatments and assessments are only done if the patient gives consent to the treatment and education is given as to the rationale behind the interventions chosen.

Even if you are uncertain if a physical therapist in physical therapy tucson can help you, we encourage you to seek out an evaluation or a free consult that body central offers in order to give you a sense of how we can help you with your current status to achieve the goals you have in any pelvic health related matter. Call 520-325-4002 or visit