Physical Therapy Tucson: Payment Options

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy

Physical therapy Tucson offers treatment to any and all individuals but many individuals may have questions about the payment options for this as it can get expensive based on what insurance one carries or what the plan of care involves. Caring for your body should be at the top of your priority list but when you’re faced with an eighty dollar copay every visit and a therapist is requesting three time a week for 8 weeks, it can seem a little overwhelming as many people may not budget for this in their monthly plan. Know that body central offers many different ways to cover the cost of rehabilitation because we feel that it is so important. Call 520-325-4002 or visit

Physical therapy Tucson has many insurance plans that we accept and we are able to give you some information about yours. If you call requesting assistance for this or would like to schedule a visit, we are more than happy to call on your behalf to your insurance provider and attempt to get the information needed to give you details of your plan including how much of the deductible have you met, how much out of pocket can you expect and what your copay or coinsurance may require. This will give you a good sense of how to budget your healthcare costs while still not breaking the bank. We do our best to give you the information but checking with your insurance personally is ultimately the best way to learn more about it to ensure that no surprises arise as you embark in your rehabilitation journey.

Body central in physical therapy Tucson accepts the vast majority of insurances and also a cash pay option for those who may have a very large deductible that they don’t want to cover. Our payment plan options are also very helpful to those who may need a little bit more time to cover the costs of their care but still are interested in getting healthy and focusing on their rehabilitation. Our billing department is very happy to work with you on an individualized basis to come up with a plan that will both work for you and your therapist in order to get you feeling better.

If you feel as though physical therapy may be too expensive to you but want to learn more about exercise and general well being, body central also offers personal training plans and group fitness classes as well as an open gym option. Although a single session of personal training may be more expensive than a treatment of physical therapy, as you commit to more sessions, the price drops significantly. Some of our personal trainers are also physical therapy assistants so you get the best bang for your buck! The group classes are catered to those who may be recovering from injury and those who are looking for a workout but want to avoid injury. These classes will only run you five dollars a session which is about the cheapest you will find in tucson!

Call and ask about your insurance coverage, your ability to use our gym or if you are interested in physical therapy, personal training or open gym! We are able to accommodate your needs while helping you achieve your goals without spending too much money. Call 520-325-4002 or visit