Physical Therapy Tucson: Patient Compliance

Written for Bodycentral Physical Therapy

Patient compliance is of the utmost importance in Physical Therapy Tucson in order to return to full prior level of function. Factors that cause noncompliance can vary on a case by case basis but it’s important to know why it is so important to show up for therapy in order to get the best results possible from your healthcare professional. Although prioritizing compliance to physical therapy is difficult based on work and home life scheduling, below are some reasons as to why it’s so imperative to choose wisely and to follow the instructed plan of care given to you by your physical therapist. Call 520-325-4002 or visit

Tissue healing is not an overnight process for many in physical therapy tucson. Many times, people do not come in with acute injuries but instead, injuries and pain/discomfort that has been around for many weeks if not months or years. In order to improve a dysfunction, it is necessary to not only retrain muscular patterns but to then improve the strength and endurance. Many times, patients do not believe continued therapy is necessary after pain is reduced but this leaves them at risk for reinjury or for the pain to return months later when the root of the dysfunction comes back. Interventions such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activity, neuromuscular reeducation and varying modalities can all be used to treat the symptoms of the patient. It is then their responsibility to continue compliance with exercises to complete at home as instructed by the therapist.

As the tissues respond, a decreased manual therapy approach may be indicated and the increase of exercises and muscular reeducation may become the focus in order to strengthen the new motor patterns that were created. This part of physical therapy is not always explained well by the therapist, thus, the patient is uncertain as to why they are continuing physical therapy tucson if there is no pain. This is the most important aspect of physical therapy as it will aid in prevention of recurrence and reinjury in the patient. It is important to discuss this with the patient in order for them to better understand why maintaining compliance to the POC is so important.

Lastly, physical therapy tucson has multiple options for the continuation of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to maintain the new muscle patterns and new strength and stability that was created with physical therapy treatment sessions. Many times, exercises given in physical therapy may double as a dynamic warm up before sports or an add-on to a current gym routine making long term compliance easy. Body Central incorporates multiple options for individuals that are close to discharge such weekly classes focused on strength, yoga and the option for personal training and open gym upon discharge. These options allow an individual to continue their new habit of exercising and continue on the road to recovery independently to avoid returning to their previous lifestyle which may be contributed to their injury at the start.

If you are currently participating in physical therapy or plan to attend soon, please keep in mind the importance of compliance with the home exercises, the duration of treatment and the frequency of treatment. These factors are all very important in returning to a pain free lifestyle with the help of a therapist and a focus on treatment and continued compliance throughout the duration of injury, healing, strengthening and long term outcomes. Call 520-325-4002 and visit