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The clinic has been awarded candidacy for the first Sports Residency Program in the Southwest United States. Physical Therapists come from all over the United States to attend the Sports Residency Program which prepares them to work with all ages and level of athletes. The clinic is renowned to the baseball and softball community. Past professional baseball players like George Arias, Blake Eager and Jim Baldwin look to Bodycentral for guidance for their baseball players. Softball elite Kenzie Fowler utilizes the sports services for her softball players.

Specific baseball programming is integrated into the Physical Therapy Tucson program at Bodycentral PT. Physical Therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, and personal trainers collaborate with coaches and players to provide an eclectic approach to the baseball player. By providing a head to toe musculoskeletal assessment, Physical Therapists can identify areas of weakness or limited mobility that may interfere with elite performance. In addition to this evaluation, a video analysis of throwing is also performed. By looking at arm position, timing, and leg position, much knowledge is gained about a player’s pitching or throwing style of performance. By analyzing video and breaking it down frame by frame, the Therapists and coaches are able to make significant recommendations for performance as well as injury prevention for Physical Therapy Tucson.

Are you a baseball player looking for Physical Therapy Tucson? Baseball programming was started by Dr. Jennifer Allen at the Ultimate Sports Asylum location. Her collaboration with ex-Mets pitcher Blake Eager resulted in the comprehensive head to toe baseball evaluation and treatment program.  similar program is in place for softball with the collaboration of University of Arizona pitching star Kenzie Fowler. Dr. Jennifer Allen’s love for baseball and softball began in her home state of West Virginia. Dr. Allen was a pitcher on her Little League Baseball team. Her baseball/softball career ended at Sheperd University in West Virgnia, but her love for the sport lives on. Her research involves looking at performance enhancement and injury prevention in both softball and baseball players.

Overuse injuries are common in young baseball and softball players. The goal of the programming at Bodycentral Physical Therapy is two-fold. One, it aims to identify weaknesses and muscle imbalances in hopes of intervening prior to injury. Two, it aims to improve overall performance including increasing pitching speed and accuracy. The program began in 2015 and has been growing since its inception. This year, batting cages will be added at the Ultimate Sports Asylum location on Ajo Way. Baseball injury treatment is available at all Bodycentral PT locations. Baseball players that wish to improve their stride length and pitching speed are encouraged to set up a consult with one of the baseball specialists at Bodycentral Physical Therapy. This year, Bodycentral will participate with the Mexican Baseball Fiesta teams and will provide game coverage for the event. Prior to the games, Bodycentral Therapists and trainers will work with the Hermosillo Naranjados to screen them for weaknesses and muscle imbalances. All baseball players receive professional baseball level screening and treatment when they come to Bodycentral Physical Therapy. To schedule your baseball related appointment, please call (520)325-4002. For more information on physical therapy in general, visit

Dry Needling in Physical Therapy Tucson

This article has been written for BodyCentral Physical Therapy.

This article is not designed for treatment purposes; it has been written to help patients find us. Please contact BodyCentral Physical Therapy at (520)325-4002 to schedule an appointment today. If you are in need of dry needling when participating in Physical Therapy Tucson, BodyCentral Physical Therapy is the place to go. Dry needling is the practice of inserting thin monofilament needles into muscles or other soft tissue structures to promote tissue healing. You can achieve neuromuscular benefits through the utilization of this technique. Although this practice uses the same needles as acupuncture and there are some similarities, dry needling is based primarily on physiology and Western medicine principals and is not considered acupuncture.

There are many positive outcomes that patients may experience with the technique of dry needling. Some of these include decreased pain, improvements in range of motion, decreased muscle tension, decreased swelling, and feeling “energized.” However, there are also several risks or potential negative side effects including muscle soreness, minor bleeding, bruising, and paresthesia (numbness or tingling). There are also rare complications, including a pneumothorax or infection, however many safety measures are taken to prevent these complications to the best of our ability. Although safety measures are taken to prevent these complications, please be sure to contact your doctor immediately or seek immediate care at an emergency room if you experience shortness of breath, pain in the chest, or any signs of infection following a treatment.

There are several precautions or contraindications to participating in this technique. If you are pregnant you should not have certain body regions needled unless your clinician has advanced training with this population. Patients with a true fear of needles should not participate in this technique. Those who have cancer in the area of treatment should not be needled in that area. If a patient has any type of bleeding or clotting disorder, dry needling is contraindicated. Additionally, if you have a metal allergy, dry needling may be contraindicated. If you fall into any of these categories, be sure to discuss it with your therapist.

BodyCentral Physical Therapy Tucson offers this technique at all of our clinics, with many patients experiencing positive outcomes. We have one to several practitioners at all of our locations that have had training in dry needling and are currently practicing while incorporating this technique as appropriate. Our therapists use dry needling to treat a variety of ailments, including neck pain, headaches, ankle pain and mobility, wrist pain and mobility, medial or lateral epicondylitis, patellar tendonitis, and many more.If you are interested in learning more information about this treatment, please ask your therapist to further explain the risks and benefits to help determine if this would be an appropriate treatment for you either now or at some point in the future. If you are not currently a patient and are interested in learning more about this technique, please contact BodyCentral Physical Therapy to set up a free consult at any of our locations at (520)325-4002. Besure to mention dry needling specifically so we can set up your appointment with one of our therapists who has gone through the appropriate training to ensure your safety should this technique be performed. Visit for more information