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This content was written for body central physical therapy

Every patient here at body central physical therapy will receive personalized, and undivided attention all of our physicians and staff members. Because within our comprehensive programs we have a team of that integrates our patients and physician relationship and provides you with a outstanding experience. When you come to us you may often be frazzled, disheartened, or upset. We want to make sure that our services not at your stress which is why we do everything in our power to ensure that you have a stress the experience here with physical therapy Tucson body physical therapy services.

We provide many wonderful specialists who have completed advanced training and many hours of experience to ensure you with the highest quality services possible. That is because our team members here are so exceptional, they are able to meet with you and really get to know you one-on-one and understand what your needs are. We will understand what your history background, and that is highly important to know if physicians because we don’t want to provide you with static, or other drugs that may cause issues to you. It’s also important because when we know your medical history we’re able to provide you the best physical therapy Tucson services possible.

We’re able to help provide services to help figure out Parkinson’s disease, and make adjustments and adept who your life and your disease. If you went through polio as a child and have postpolio syndrome and we are able to provide you with individualized assessment and treatment that are specifically tailored to your needs. For a few experienced a bad car accident and have since suffered spinal cord injuries for physicians are here to not only provide you with physical therapy, and help make alignment, but we will provide you with the happiness and joy for life. Our specialists even specialize in specific injury such as concussions.

The concussion is a mild traumatic injury to the brain there is not a structural abnormality in the grade but it can’t happen without loss of consciousness. Expression is fun to players collide, or you are running into your garage and slipped on some of paper inside your head sometimes a player can even stand injury by hitting her head on down. Because of a concussion that you will want to look out for is if you are feeling dizzy for experiencing an extreme headaches. If you are confused or experiencing blurry vision time to contact an expert. We don’t want you concussions ago I noticed that you can have drastic ramifications on your mental health.

So if you are playing a nice friendly game of soccer and collided with another player you both need to go visit a physical therapist. Because our physical therapy Tucson services are the best in the entire state. And if you collide with another player, or you fall and hit your head you need to let your athletic trainer or to Dr. no. Because heading the symptoms is not a good idea and if you continue to play or to hit again it could cause serious brain injury and the result could be death. There is a condition in the medical field called second impact syndrome and a happens when an athlete with a concussion continues to play visit again. This increases the severity of symptoms and has resulted in death. So please don’t wait, calls the (520) 325-4002.

Physical therapy Tucson | a special note for parents

This content was written for body central physical therapy

Body central physical therapy tries to keep this community members as well educated about risks, and how to best away them and what to do if injury should happen. Which is why we would like to provide a special note to parents. If your child is an athlete playing football, soccer, lacrosse or any other sports, they are at risk to receive concussions. The concussion is when a collision with another player happens or if you take your head because the swelling and irritation within the brain. So before we get to into our special note to you parents, if you have seen their children fall and hit their head and they have separate from dizziness, or headaches please contact our physical therapy Tucson specialists at (520) 325-4002.

It’s extremely important to seek medical advice if your child has fallen or hit their head recently, because if they sustained a concussion and it goes unnoticed it could increase her chances of greater injury. If your child has been diagnosed with a concussion in the emergency room or in at an urgent care centers and it’s important that you follow these physicians specializing if you need a recommendation we are more than happy to provide you with one of our outstanding physical therapy Tuscon team members.

Now for coaches it can be hard especially when your best player has to be put on the bench with a concussion. But it’s important that you notice their health, and don’t allow them to just shake it off and keep going. Because as we have learned more about concussions we have found that there is something in the medical field called a second impact syndrome. This happens when a player who sustained a concussion continues playing in that gets it had once again. It greatly increases their injury and has even resulted in death. So even though it could be extremely frustrating having to bencher best player it is support your athletes and stay in contact the athlete, and their parents and medical staff.

Once they’ve been cleared by body central physical therapy. Tphysical therapy Tucson specialists there are able to continue playing. In the last 10 years concussion management has significantly evolved. And we now know that the baseline testing can help determine when safe to return to a sport, and having total rest until your symptom-free is no longer the best solution for you. Concussions will happen even if you don’t get knocked out and 80% of concussions resolve themselves in three weeks. There are many wonderful new facts that we learned about concussions, and we want to share them with you.

Physical therapy helps determine certain specific activity restrictions. Physical therapy helps improve your neck range of motion in decreased headache pain. So whether that is a stress headache, a sinus infection headache, it will help decrease the pain. We’re going to help restore balance and help you come_city without any of symptoms. It’s no longer the best practice for you to be on bed rest, so physical therapy will help us determine what restrictions could be best for you. We just really want to ensure that you will return safely to your activity. The by working closely with a physician or athletic trainer we’re able to optimize your recovery.