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Body central physical therapy provides some of the most outstanding treatment options for all of our patients. We want to take your broken, four, and tired body and help it become wholesome once again. We want to rejuvenate you and to energize you into making the recovery steps to making that process possible. Our physical therapy treatments Tucson offers for you are a huge selection. So if there’s something in particular that you’re looking for just giving us a call at (520) 325-4002, for checking out our website at We also offer a free consultation for all new patients. We really want to use that time to get to know you, and understand your medical history and background you know best how to help.

One of the services that we offer to men and women is our health explore rehabilitation. Just physical therapy treatments Tucson offers for men and women. Whether you are suffering from urinary incompetence it affects over 25% of women over the age of 18. Body central physical therapy has the largest women’s health practices in Tucson Arizona and are doctors have taken specialized. For coursework to help incorporate internal examination and manual interventions to optimize our pelvic floor functioning and regulate bladder control. Especially is a busy mother, it is highly important that we find a solution to help regulate your bladder control so that you are able to spend time with your loved ones.

We want you to be able to enjoy your prospect classes and workouts once again I’m posting able to jump on your trembling in your backyard with your children. Because it is those times that your children will forever cherish and hold dear to the heart. They will remember whether or not you were out playing with them, or if you were sitting inside meeting about. Interaction her children is very beneficial and at their development and growth. Or if you have an overactive bladder, you may be suffering from overactive bladder syndrome. And there is a solution to this!

17% of women in our nation faces problem and it affects mainly women 50 years of age or older. These clinically seems that women with birch incontinence have started out with stress incontinence and then it has progressed. We have reviewed and research along this extensive clinical experience and it will be able to help implement a treatment program that can minimize and even eliminate these systems. That is because we not only provide amazing physical therapy treatments Tucson can offer you treatments for any other entity may be facing.

With our team of specialists we are able to take women’s health and go above and beyond what you could expect. We’re able to help relieve any kind of pain throughout pregnancy as well as provide immediate gynecology services. Men and women in our community. We understand that most offices do not provide enough care for women’s health. We also help with oncology which is postsurgical management such as breast cancer, uterine cancer ovarian cancer etc. By coming in performing regular checkups we will be able to help prevent these happening in the future or catch them in time to provide proper treatment.

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This content was written for body central physical therapy

The provide evidence-based treatment that will help you get back to being able to perform day-to-day activities that you love. Body central physical therapies able to provide some of the most clinically proven physical therapy treatments Tucson has seen before neurological rehabilitation. We mean neurological rehabilitation center however some of these services are offered at our other sites. If you are unsure about what site you should go to the give us a call at (520) 325-4002, where we can of verifying the creditors if you need as well as where they are available to you.

Physical therapists are able to help deal with all kinds of neurological conditions and injuries including concussions, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, polio and post sales syndrome and many others. That is because we not only provide amazing physical therapy treatment Tucson is able to provide you treatment solutions for these injuries. Every patient receives undivided attention personalize assessment and treatment that are specifically tailored to their needs. Because even if your best friend fell and received a concussion, you are both a different, and you may see it better or worse result in your friend may. For instance I have a sister growing up who slipped in the garage and received a concussion because of it. And since then she will experience extreme of migraines are not, because her concussion specialist had no idea what they are doing.

You may a moment shock for me, experience more health issues and down the road as a result of recent confession. However your friend may only receive a slight concussion and then be fine and dandy for the rest of their life. That is why it’s important to have a physical therapist and family caregiver and physician that really know what they’re doing. Extremely important understand that everybody no matter if they have the same ailment are still different. That is why it is important whenever you going to physical therapy treatments Tucson to offer of your medical history background to a new physicians and doctors.

Because when they know information like how your race, with the medical background of your ancestry is we’re able to correctly diagnose anxiety/for you. An important part of our body central physical therapy model for neurological rehabilitation is degrading between patient, physical therapist, and caring family member how much we truly care about you and want to see you succeed. Our neurological rehabilitation experts have advanced training in needs they have completed advanced training and specialization to provide the best care to you. We will ensure that you receive the best physical therapy treatment possible.

Some of the advanced training they’ve had to go through for physical therapy treatments Tucson, is neurodevelopmental treatment certification, as well as impact certification which mainly treats concussions. It’s really interesting how for every scenario word disease, or injury we have those experts who specialize in that field study. While everyone does graduate with a degree in physical therapy is they have to continue their education to specialize in a certain area. So when you are working with someone who specializes in let’s say, concussions, you know you are receiving the best advice because they’ve not only conduct formal degrees, they’ve had seven years of experience and training.