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Did you know that you can everything you wonderful hour of personal training with a certified personal athletic trainer purchase one dollar? That’s right for just one dollar you can experience help of an aesthetic personal trainer to help jumpstart you into your journey to reaching your physical goals. By calling (520) 325-4002, we can put you in touch with one of our amazing physical therapy Marana athletic trainers. We offer at this first chance to train with them for just one dollar because we want to make sure that this training is right for you.

We’ve had many clients come to us who have said that their personal trainers in the past did not meet their expectations, and they wish that they had a trial run with their services before they signed a contract. That is what we’re trying to do here at physical therapy Marana we want to provide you with a trial run with our personal trainers before you decide if it’s right for you. Because everyone knows that having that perspective relationship with your personal trainer is what can help you succeed. So get started today and schedule your first training session for just one dollar. We offer training not only for adults, teenagers as well, it is important to get to helping have it at a young age.

We offer an exceptional weight loss programs here at physical therapy Marana. Because sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction and some positive help to get you to your healthy weight goals. One common issues that we have seen with all of our clients working with our personal trainers, is that we set unrealistic goals. It’s important to set realistic goals that will help you reach a healthy weight, and lifestyle. Because after all you really are making lifestyle changes and not just a temporary fix. So even if you have never worked out in Egypt before don’t stress about it, because our personal trainers are here to make this work out engaging and fun for you!

Working with our trainers it won’t even feel like working out. It will feel like you are having a great time with a great friend. Once you learn healthy eating strategies and how to avoid stress eating and placing emotional attachment disorder. You will find that you will see the best results! Our program is provided for anyone who wants to work on their general fitness. Many of our patients during this program after a surgery or accident, because they’re looking for Post recovery help. We recommend that you move into our wellness and fitness programs help maintain and ensure that will continually see progress.

If you have any questions about our wellness and health programs, or even about our weight loss program, don’t hesitate to ask. Our staff members are waiting on the phone to answer any questions that you have. Contacted by calling this number (520) 325-4002. Or you can contact us by going to We have someone available to chat at all times of the day. Our physical therapy Marana assistance our highly trained professionals to guide you along your path to wellness. We offer these services as well as one-on-one personal training.

Physical therapy Marana | sports performance training

This content was written for body central physical therapy

One of the wonderful programs that are certified personal athletic trainers provide here at body central physical therapy is a sports performance training program. This is a high intensity workouts that helps your team train, and the individual enhance their performance. If you have a some players that have been on your team for quite a few years, and they still are struggling with working as a whole, and contributing to the team’s band that this sports performance training program is perfect for you. Physical therapy Marana is able to provide more services than anyone else in this industry.

We recommend this type of training for athletes that have experienced a large break in activity due to serious injuries or surgeries. It is the perfect post recovery training program, because it really makes you aware of where your skill level is now at. It’s important to asses your strengths and weaknesses through our services at physical therapy Marana. You need to be able to bring your speed, agility, and power up-to-date. Our personal trainers have worked with amateurs and professional athletes and ensuring quality services for the needs of the elite level athletes.

One important aspect that will help your athletes To speed with the rest of the team, is a healthy eating strategy. The healthier you eat, the more nutrients your body has two substrate itself with sufficient energy. We have many different package options for different for different teams. We will help you work on your speed drills, your endurance, and your strength training. So if your player has been out for an entire season due to post surgery recovery, call us at (520) 325-4002 and we can get them into our sports training program. This is one of the number one ranked sports training program and all of Arizona. If you don’t take our word for it, go online for website at, where a client and previous patients have provided many wonderful reviews and personal testament to the outstanding service that we have provided to them.

We also offer training for the entire team. We assess the team members individually, to assess their mobility, strength, and balance and their ability to work together as a team. And then we will compare how that affects them as a whole, in their overall speed and agility. You want your team and to be the driving force to scare away all other competitors. And when you have a team that works well with each other, and is able to rely on each other’s strengths and weaknesses you will find that it makes your team is the most powerful in the season.

We provide fun, fast-paced and high intensity interval training for groups. So if you’re looking to get a great workout in a while having fun in an engaging workout, contact us at (520) 325-4002. Our physical therapy Marana team is here to help you become the most agile and efficient can you. We provide personal one-on-one training in a 30 minute sessions and in the 60th minute sessions. However we do have discounted packages available for team members, and the local teams of our community.