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We have some of the most amazing staff members here at body central physical therapy. There are able to provide amazing Marana physical therapy services to you, and you want to illustrate how important it is to us, that we are not only providing affordable health care services to, but we are going above and beyond in our customer service, because that’s really what takes the cake. Customer service is the cherry on top. You may need a rudimentary services which are your ice cream, but then the cherry on top with excellent customer service.

One of our wonderful clients has taken it upon themselves to help us a blog about our experiences and services here at body central physical therapy. We provide physical therapy services for golfers in Tucson Arizona. Coughing has become excellent form of excellent physical exercises. Off as an extremely sport especially here in Tucson Arizona, men, women, and children are being out on the screen luscious golf courses of many local areas. The popularity of golf continues to grow and as his popularity grows the rising numbers of people playing golf have seen a rise in golf related injuries.

Many experienced golfers have some great insight for all of us Ulysses fear, they tell you that the best piece of equipment you have is not that you $2000 driver, but it is your body. Just my physical therapy Marana physical therapy services is something you should consider. Common injuries that are seen in golf are pain, golfers elbow, herniated disc, neck pain, and hand and wrist pain. However everyone is individual and has their own risk factors some have said that golf is bad for your back. But we want to tell you that it’s only a poorly conditioned back and poor posture is not good for golf. For instance if a marathon runner trained for marathon by only running one-mile every day most people would say that they are crazies that they would not be able to complete a marathon.

As a golfer if you are not conditioning your body for the extreme demand of completing the theme task over and over again, something that. Some common risk factors for golf injuries are more flexibility in your sign. Because with limited mobility a rotational demands of golf can cause undue stress on the joints and disk in your lower back. That may cause you to experience a herniated disc, or ruining your spine alignment. You may also experience for shoulder flexibility, because from the backswing follow-through motion there’s a lot of mobility and force required from your upper body. So if your shoulders are tight and cannot lose the way that they need to rotate it put stress and other areas of your body including your low back elbows and upper back.

So if you’re ready to meet with one of our exceptional Marana physical therapy specialists, please contact us today.You can reach us all hours of the day by contacting us at (520) 325-4002, or by going online to our and signing up for your free consultation. We want to ensure that you are following through on these golf the same as best as possible. Because when you are doing these movements on a consistent daily basis if you are doing them incorrectly then it will increase your risk for injuries.

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This content was written for body central physical therapy

There are many variables as to why golfers are seeing an increased risk in their golfing related injuries. From not having proper strength, mobility, flexibility greatly increase your chances of developing a herniated disc, or having because the joints as well as developing arthritis in your elbows and wrists. Marana physical therapy specialists want to help you know the proper form and we cannot only follow through on the action, but do it in the way it that is best for your body. You will find that we are going to provide you the best experience you’ve ever had in customer service!

By having or quarter strength you can affect all areas of your body. Because your core provide strength to give you proper posture, it increases your cardiovascular health, and when your core is weak can cause abnormal movements and shearing in the spine. It also causes shearing in your hips and pelvis. This will leave you at risk for injury but it will also affect how far you are able to drive the ball. You see there is more of a science to golf than anyone ever knew, and are Marana physical therapy specialists on help you fine-tune the your process.

One of the important factors that you have to have to be a great golfer is balance. Being unsteady can cause minor to major injuries as other parts of the body will have to overcompensate for your lack of stability. Golf is not a short game and so if you are constantly putting your body is under the stress and it putting to overcompensate for your lack of core strength, stability, and flexibility than the you increase your risk for injuries by over 50%. So it’s time to get in touch with the specialist here at Marana physical therapy.

Some common risk factors that many golfers have seen outside their body is equipment. If you have poorly fitted equipment whether these clubs are too tall, or too short then it will put you at risk. Playing on a course that has a lot of uneven terrain or one that is poorly maintained can put you at risk for spraining a goals or sustaining other injuries from a bad fall. Once again is one stress how important it is to really build up your core strength, flexibility, mobility. Because all those things help a tribute to her balance and when you do not have balance become unsteady and consult easier.

We want to help you avoid injuries so have a pro look at your swing mechanics and make sure you are not causing undue stress your body by performing incorrectly. We will even provide you a head to toe strength assessment for your golf swing mechanics, for just one dollar. If you want to find out more information about hikes scheduled contact us at (520) 325-4002. Or even then sign up yourself by going to We provide this assessment for you for just one dollar, because we want to develop good habits that will put unnecessary stress on your body.