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To be a great athlete requires many things. You need to learn the proper format of many movement as well as learns the best way to take care of your body to ensure that throughout the years it will still be able to provide you with the strength, stability, and flexibility that many sports require of you. We want help you become the best athlete possible, which is why our Marana physical therapy specialists here at body central physical therapy are willing to offer to you and your first consultation for free. Whether you are a new client, or you have been an existing patients in past years we want to give you this consultation for free!

You can claim this free consultation by calling us at (520) 325-4002, or by going online to our We’ve put a lot of work and effort to our website to ensure that it is professional, informative, and provides you easy access to contact us. Once you provide us with your contact information we are able to reach out to you and ask that free consultation, and even a few of our services for just one dollar. If you’d like to find out what services we offer for just one dollar, call us and find out today! You will never regret calling us, principal find that we are not only able to provide you with services to ensure your health and wellness, but we really care about educating you in informing you on how to best take everybody.

One issue that many athletes face that they never thought would be an issue or result in problems further down the road is having insufficient core strength. Because weakness in your lower body and core results in other parts of your body having to overcompensate to stabilize, provide flexibility and mobility and make up for the decrease in strength. Core strength helps with the many things that helps with proper posture, it can help you with rotating your hips and torso in many forms of motion such as when you are pitching a baseball game, swinging your golf club or shooting back three-pointers. It highly beneficial for you to meet with our Marana physical therapy team!

Our Marana physical therapy has been able to come up with new innovative ideas to provide you with more affordable treatment, and impress you with our ability to go above and beyond your expectations.
Have you ever been so excited to look inside your back, and find that they provided you with an extra scoop of french fries, I get to enjoy it twice the amount of delicious french fries been universally thought. Completely today, and now you’re able to continue your day with happiness and pep in your step. That is exactly how our customer service at body central physical therapy works.

When you come to us you require a service needed, whether you injured herself, or you are looking for great tips to help prevent further injuries, are excellent customer service will be able to provide you with a happy exceptional experience because our team members are passionate you. That is lighter able to truly listen to and understand your concerns and provide you the best solution possible we are some of the best physical therapist in the entire industry and you can find out for yourself by scheduling your free consultation today, or by going online to reading some of the outstanding reviews our patients and clients have left for us.

Marana physical therapy | One step at a time

This content was written for body central physical therapy

Injury treatment is a process that takes time. You will immediately see results after one day, or one session. It is a process that requires step after step after step. If you are ready to receive some help and assistance on your path recovery contact us at (520) 325-4002 where we will be able to schedule you a free consultation with some of our Marana physical therapy specialists. We will come up with the perfect strategy and treatment programs that meets all of your needs and is easy on your budget.

Our sports physical therapists will be able to treat be specific area prior to any performance training. All of our treatment programs and care are specifically tailored to each client. Everyone has different needs, has experienced different injury and is leading different treatments. We provide our hands-on treatments here at Marana physical therapy and we use our hands-on treatment like an instrument to assist soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, and joint mobilization and other strategies to help you become whole once again. We understand how hard the path to recovery may be, often times we face it alone and will become depressed as a result.

We have many injury prevention strategies here at Marana physical therapy, and our team of ports physical and medicine conditioning specialists are able to provide you with preseason impress experience for 14. Strength training and other strategies are included in our prescreening packages. Many of these services are provided for free to organizations on a first-come first-served basis. So if you’d like to find out how you can receive the information to have these preseason risk assessments done for free contact Marana physical therapy experts by emailing us, or going online to our

The biggest factor to help reduce injury risk is improving your overall performance. Our physical therapists expected to see a professional level of play. That means you need to give us all you’ve got, because how are we able to help you become better, faster, stronger if we don’t know what working with. B will combine strength and conditioning programs to develop a specific routine for the individual athlete. While we do help train teams as well we will meet with all of the players individually assessed their strengths and weaknesses, and then assist the team as a whole. We will provide team workouts as well as individual treatment plans.

Dr. Jennifer Allen is a board-certified support specialists and she heads the baseball and softball sports medicine team at body central physical therapy. She is an excellent healthcare provider, and has done so for many years. She’s been able to help prevent and assist in the recovery of injuries related to sports. Issues work with many professional women teens in Tucson Arizona and currently volunteers at the Canyon you little weak safety officer. If you’d like more information about your credentials I can ensure you she is qualified the job. We have offered credentials listed on our website. Or you may contact us at (520) 325-4002 to schedule a time to meet with a Marana physical therapy expert.