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This content was written for body central physical therapy

There are so many wonderful results you may see from going through physical therapy. We hope you find total healing and restoration within your body.We provide Southern Arizona’s premier physical therapy and sports medicine professionals. Our physicians are the top of the food chain, because the cost to the best schools, and are extremely experienced and have the knowledge and intellect behind feeling and restoring your body. We will provide the best physical therapy Marana has ever seen!

We would love for you to get in the best shape of your life, which is why we are offering our services for just one dollar! If you contact us today at (520) 325-4002, we will provide you with your first appointment for just one dollar. There is no one else in all of Southern Arizona that will offer you a better deal than that. Because for our personal trainers we want to be able to schedule you that first meeting to help get you on your way to living a better and healthier lifestyle. Our personal trainers are so generous, and really strive to increasing your mobility, and strength and happiness.

So if you’re ready to experience the best physical therapy Marana and personal training services that Arizona can offer contact us at We really take pride in our work, and all of our employees really love being able to get back in a way that provides purposeful work in a thriving culture! If you’d like to find out how you can become one of our amazing employees to help impact and improve the lives of our community members every day while working in a culture that’s consistently ranked as one of two sons best bassist work contact us by going online for website at

Because we provide some of the most wholesome best physical therapy Marana services around Arizona. There is orthopedic physical therapy and it is a branch of physical therapy that deals mainly with bonus, essentially, ligament, and muscle injuries. This includes anything from a child with growing pains to someone who is hurt their back at work, or maybe someone who just had a joint replacement surgery. You can develop pain from working at a computer for long period of time. So especially with our patients who work 9-to-5 jobs we find that they are experiencing pain is from sitting at the desk all day. So no matter what age you are we are ready to introduce you to our therapist who have great experience in working with orthopedic injuries.

We treat everything from your head down to your toes. That of course includes all joints. We work in really being mysterious back injuries, and pain relief for all chronic and acute pain. If you have been noticing or having issues with your hips, then please let on that icy patch barking out your car for work then we you will have to meet with one of our physical therapists as well as occupational therapist to see if any adjustment you to be done, but if you need to be treated in other ways. If you’re unsure whether we you treat a particular injury there’s no harm in asking comes to these call us at (520) 325-4002.

Best physical therapy Marana | From your head to your toes and everything inbetween

This content was written for body central physical therapy

Body central physical therapy understands that there are many physical therapist and occupational therapists out there in society who claim to offer the best physical therapy Marana services for you. However I would say about 75% of the service providers are lying. We can promise you that body central physical therapy is able to provide you with the best services because we require all of our physical therapist to be a doctor therapy for you board-certified clinical specialist.

Some of the requirements and hard work that goes into becoming a doctor physical therapy and or a board-certified clinical specialist is they have to have a minimum of a bachelors degree in physical therapy. They not only must have a passing score on the physical therapy board exam that they need to be 50 points higher than the average score. They have to be board-certified clinical specialist will seven years of training plus clinical rotations. We do this because we want to ensure that you are eating provided service from those who not only have the knowledge, but the skill set and experience behind what they do.

Most physical therapy offices will higher grad students who have graduated just like a month or two before. That can be scary, because whether they passed all the classes with flying colors or not, they don’t yet have the experience of clinical rotations or years of training under their belt. That increases the chance of having something go wrong, or being misdiagnosed. That’s why it’s important to note the credentials of your service providers to claim to have the best physical therapy Marana has seen. Honestly you really want someone with years of experience to be the one diagnosing and treating you, not a fresh graduate student.

A board-certified specialist is someone who specializes in one of the eight specialty areas of physical therapy. Those a specialty areas physical therapy are neurology, oncology, cardiovascular and luminary, clinical electrophysiology, geriatrics, orthopaedics, pediatrics, sports, and women’s health. We are able to advance the professions of physical therapy by establishing and maintaining and promoting the standards of excellence through our board-certified specialist. And when you are in need of someone who really knows what they’re doing, we will not renew way because we offer specialists here at our body central physical therapy offices who are certified personal trainers, physical therapist, licensed board-certified women’s health and clinical specialist. So no matter what your needs are we’ve got you covered.

You can often tell what your specialist area of expertise is by the credentials, because they are denoted by letters after the therapist name. So let’s say your doctor’s name was Dr. Smith. If he had a DPT following name that stands for Dr. of physical therapy. That means your Dr. Smith specializes. There are many as systems, test, and experiences that your doctor needs to go through to become a board-certified specialist. So you’ll never need to worry if you are being provided the best physical therapy Marana care because there is an extreme conflict all of our specialists and exercise to go through.