ACL Rehabilitation


The goal of the ACL pre-surgery program is to get you in the best shape possible to prepare you for your upcoming ACL surgery. The plan is to decrease swelling, improve knee range of motion, maintain or improve your current level of strength, and to maintain your overall cardiovascular fitness. Preparing for surgery is preparing for recovery. Speak to your surgeon about the benefits of having pre-surgery physical therapy. Call us today at 520-325-4002 to get scheduled!

Surgical Recovery

Working with a Sports Physical Therapist is an important part of your ACL surgical recovery. It is important to focus on specific goals for each time period of recovery. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will keep you on track and help you regain your range of motion, decrease swelling, improve strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Part of your surgical recovery includes return to play agility, weight training, plyometric, and cardio workouts. The goal is to return you to your sport quickly and safely – and give you the tools to stay healthy and injury-free. Our specialists focus on specific athletic return to play exercise and conditioning.Our facilities allow not only early stage physical therapy, but also later stage strength and conditioning. Our sports locations have turf, rubberized flooring, as well as equipment seen in most collegiate and professional training rooms. Many of our Doctors of Physical Therapy have experience treating high level professional athletes in many sports and know what it takes to get you back to play safely and completely. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy work closely with your surgeon to progress you as quickly and safely as possible- communication is key. Ask your surgeon to send you to Bodycentral for your ACL Rehabilitation.

We also work athletes that have completed their early stage rehabilitation at other Physical Therapy Clinics. Because our facilities have additional equipment and are spacious for running and agility drills, we have the ability to take you into later stages of your program without the restrictions of a traditional Physical Therapy clinic. It’s difficult to run in the hallway or in a parking lot– it’s much easier when you have open runway areas and turf to perform higher level running, cutting, and conditioning drills. We work with your surgeon to get you on the fast track to recovery. Ask your surgeon to do your later stage work with our Doctors of Physical Therapy in our sports facilities. If you are not sure how to make the transition, call us at 520-325-4002 and we will help you coordinate this with your surgeon.


This includes everything from individual and team Injury Prevention training to full Performance Enhancement training. Run faster, improve your strength and agility. Take your game to the next level. Using cutting edge video and biomechanics analysis, we can help get you there. Other services available: One on One Personal Training, Nutrition for Athletes, Team Training.