Bodycentral FootballIt’s September and theoretically getting cooler in Tucson. Football season is well on it’s way and we are all enjoying rooting on our favorite teams. I’m a West Virginia University graduate from long ago, so I still yell for the Mountaineers. But, as you know, living in Tucson it is impossible not to fall in love with the U of A Wildcats. I am a die-hard fan- every sport, you name it!

Intuit is having a contest for small businesses across the nation– to have a chance at getting a professionally produced Superbowl commercial. We have entered the competition in hopes of winning a commercial that will air with all the multimillion dollar commercials that are shown that day!

If you want to see us on Superbowl Sunday, follow this link to read our story and vote for us!

Until then, enjoy the football season!